Please contact event organizers for COVID-19 guidelines for each event

The Pigeon Forge Housing Bureau is a joint venture between the City of Pigeon Forge and the Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association, which represents over 200 hospitality based businesses and over 13,000 lodging units. The bureau is designed to make the lodging process easy for the event owner and their attendees.

The bureau will solicit request for proposals from every Pigeon Forge lodging establishment based on the requirements provided by the event owner and then deliver all completed RFPs for the consideration and approval of the owner. The bureau will then provide a branded link to be prominently placed within the event web site allowing attendees to reserve Pigeon Forge lodging directly from the event web site. This is a free service and is optional to use in helping events hosted at the LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge become more successful.

  • Makes lodging arrangements easy for event owners and attendees
  • Showcases Pigeon Forge properties
  • Assists events in tracking attendance and economic impact
  • Totally optional for Event Owner and Pigeon Forge lodging facilities
  • Illustrates the lodging variety (hotels, condos, cabins, and campground)

Call: 865-429-7432 or Email Us for more info or to schedule an onsite tour.