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Event Start Date : January 25, 2019
Event End Date : January 27, 2019

Event Description

The annual Resurrection conference is an opportunity for youth to come together in spiritual growth. Nationally recognized speakers and musicians lead attendees in daily activities that help deepened understanding of our Lord.

The theme for the conference is Voices United. Each year 12,000 attendees come to Resurrection to have meaningful discussions during an interdenominational event. The goal is for all involved to grow and gain new insights about their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Resurrection is also a testament to the power of Christianity and its ability to bring people together.


Theme: Voices United

Verse: Romans 15:6—“So that you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ with one mind and one voice.”

Price: $40 per person

Event Contact Information

(865) 888-6REZ

Event Materials

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