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Kids Artistic Revue and Rainbow Dance

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June 26 - July 14, 2022

Event Description

KAR is dedicated to producing world-class dance events that provide rewarding and positive experiences for dancers, teachers, and parents.  Our competitions give dancers across America the opportunity to showcase their talent and passion on the KAR stage.  We also proudly acknowledge the achievements and excellence of dance teachers, choreographers, and parents, and appreciate their efforts in helping make dreams come true!  KAR is honored to be recognized as America’s Favorite Dance Competition and look forward to seeing the amazing talent your city has to offer!

Rainbow is dedicated to producing a high-quality dance event that creates rewarding experiences for dancers, teachers, and parents.  Our stages are shared by thousands of different ages, talents, and abilities.  We seek to provide each of these performers with the opportunity to shine in a positive, rewarding, and exhilarating competition setting.  We also pride ourselves on acknowledging the achievements and excellence of teachers, choreographers, and parents.  It is our firm belief that the hard work and commitment of these individuals deserve equal attention and recognition.  We are honored to be an artistic outlet where dedication and talent are celebrated.   We look forward to an amazing competition and can’t wait to see all of your performances!

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Phone: 714.826.8440

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